Calvin Klein

#MYCALVINS Spring 2020 Digital Ad Campaign

Calvin Klein is staying in and getting comfy with their ongoing #mycalvins campaign.

Having begun in late March, the spring 2020 campaign sees the iconic brand continuing to do what many others have been recently getting around to: making the most of stay-at-home orders. Pieces are sent to the models’ home, where they act as their own creative directors and photographers. It’s an inclusive and tactical way to make the most of these disruptive times, but it may wear thin quickly.

One thing that sets this campaign apart from others that follow in its suit is that the work-from-home model makes a lot of sense with Calvin Klein’s branding and image. The idea behind the #mycalvins tagline is a celebration of intimacy and comfort and personal freedom, an embrace of every body’s natural beauty and each person’s unique sense of self. By putting artistic control in the hands of the people who we see wearing the clothes, Calvin Klein leans even further into this message of self-determination. The selfies taken by these humans in their homes feel so much more honest and intimate than impersonal photographs for a magazine spread, and the result is a campaign that feels personal, vulnerable, and genuinely beautiful.

Yes, everyone wants everything to go back to normal. But this campaign gives us hope of something that is better than normal; it gives us something to look forward to, not just back at. It shows us how much we can learn by listening to ourselves and each other, and it shows us that our beauty is our own.

Calvin Klein Creative Director | Cédric Murac
Models | (in order of appearence) Carina, Julia Hlm, Frankie Miles, Kelechi, Angelina Texier, Hannah Morgan, Ieke Booij, Bryan Chavarria, Vienna Skye, Nicholas Skidmore, Sharena Chindavong, Carla Estévez, Deon Hinton, Fiffany Luu, Myles Loftin, Faith Jaggernauth, Frida Becker, Tripp Bowers, Lulu Verbeek, Jaxon Rose, José Santiago, Millie Grace Horton, Cass Bird & Ali Bird & family, Sarah Hartog, Carly Johnson, Samia Hamps, Valerie Villena, Zaira Michele, Reece King