Calvin Klein

#proudinmycalvins Summer 2020 Digital Ad Campaign

Calvin Klein has teamed with McGinley Studio to celebrate Pride month 2020 with a digital ad campaign called #PROUDINMYCALVINS. Photographed and directed by Ryan McGinley, the campaign focuses on a diverse group of LGBTQIA+ individuals in a way that feels fresh and inclusive, and lets them express themselves by speaking their own unique truths.

Each generation of LGBTQ+ individuals must discover for themselves what makes them unique and different, while also figuring out how they fit into (and can feel comfortable in) larger heteronormative global societies. This is an ongoing process that is never complete. What makes the #PROUDINMYCALVINS special is that it shines a light on this process in a way that Generation Z can relate to, through personal stories that explore a wide spectrum of gender expression, utilizing the most up-to-date language in a way that is “woke” (for lack of a better word) and accurately represents current progressive socio-political atmospheres.

Due to the photography’s first impressions, which entice with sex-positive visuals and a generalized focus on youthful beauty, it might be tempting to view the campaign with a cynical or cavalier attitude; however a deeper look reveals real issues that young queer people face. Mina Gerges addresses issues of violence against the LGBTQ+ community, Chella Man talks about the complexities of identifying as both queer and disabled, and Gia Woods speaks about what it’s like to be a voice for Persian culture while simultaneously being a part of the LGBTQ+ community. All of the young people in the campaign are wise beyond their years, and have valuable perspectives to share. Therefore take a moment to hear their stories and be inspired, and happy Pride from all of us at The Impression!

Calvin Klein Creative Director | Cédric Murac
Photographed and Directed by | Ryan McGinley/McGinley Studio
Talent | Tommy Dorfman, Amy Elsesser, Mina Gerges, Jari Jones, Reece King, Chella Man, Mary V, Pabllo Vittar, Gia Woods