Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Celine Creative Director Hedi Slimane has chosen model Fran Summers as muse for the brand’s Spring 2020 ad campaign, which is composed of a series of black and white photographs plus a short film with music by Alexandra Savior.

Celine’s ad campaigns under Slimane’s direction play out as variations of a repeating fantasy; a young slim model is photographed (and sometimes filmed) as the object of desire, typically with retro styling and an air of aloofness. The approach is generally successful, as the repetition gives the campaigns’ a feeling of personal obsession, and gives the brand a consistency that translates into effortless chic. In this instance, the film component provides a welcome elaboration on previous themes, with a gorgeous set, smooth cinematography, and the song ‘Saving Grace’ by Alexandra Savior setting the mood of rock & roll sensuality. Though pleasing to see a short film from Slimane, the movement does not feel as natural as in recent campaigns from some other luxury brands, perhaps evidence that employing a movement director when applicable is worth the investment. Nonetheless, the campaign functions well in its efforts to add desirability to Celine’s newest collection.

Celine Creative Director | Hedi Slimane
Director/Photographer | Hedi Slimane
Model | Fran Summers
Hair | Esther Langham
Makeup | Aaron de Mey
Music | ‘Saving Grace’ by Alexandra Savior