Spring 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Coach “Find Your Courage” Spring 2024 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Stuart Vevers with Photographer Charlie Engman with Talent Camila Mendes, Imma, Lil Nas X, Youngji Lee, Kōki, and Wu Jinyan

Coach unlocks a new dimension of brand storytelling with its ongoing “Find Your Courage” campaign series for Spring 2024, which was directed by film and animation studio Valée Duhamel.

Exploring the intersection of real personal style and the virtual world, the series centers around virtual influencer Imma, who in each chapter travels to a new digital dimension and meets a member of the Coach family. With each cinematic new chapter in the series, Imma warps to a playful and psychedelic new dimension. In the first chapter, she meets Lil Nas X, who exudes a superhero energy as he battles in a larger-than-life game of three-dimensional chess. In the latest installment, she encounters actor Camila Mendes, who rediscovers herself in a solarpunk world of sunshine and blossoming megafauna. Other members of the international Coach community who are brought together on the digital journey of exploration and self discovery include actor Wu JinYan and rapper Lee Youngji.

The campaign series cleverly synthesizes Coach’s youthful spirit of self-discovery and personal style with scintillating visuals achieved through cutting-edge animation and editing techniques that combine real footage and set design with digital rendering. The approach seems to anticipate the near future for advertising experiences, when immersive digital platforms like the Apple Vision Pro may very well unlock a new era for interactive storytelling as they bring consumers fully within a brand or creator’s world of their own. 

With its international cast and series format, the campaign is also calibrated to maintain hype across the season and draw in fans around the world – particularly in the Asian markets in which the brand has seen huge growth recently.

Combining cutting-edge production, an approach to casting and timing that shows the brand to be fully attuned to cultural and consumer currents, and visually impactful new ways of communicating its brand values of personal freedom and celebration, Coach takes the digital campaign series to a new dimension.

Creative Director | Stuart Vevers
Director | Valée Duhamel
Photographer | Charlie Engman
Talent | Camila Mendes, Imma, Lil Nas X, Youngji Lee, Kōki, and Wu Jinyan
Stylist | Olivier Rizzo
Hair | Lauren Palmer-Smith