Crafting a Better Brand: 5 Insights into How Jacquemus Transforms the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

Crafting a better Brand: 5 Insights into how Jacquemus transforms the Ordinary into the Extraordinary Insights article header image with photos of Jacquemus 2023 fashion show and more, Jacquemus Case Study, Jacquemus News

Unveiling the Success Story: The Key Elements Behind Jacquemus’ Phenomenal Rise 

By Mackenzie Richard

Renowned for his seamless fusion of sensual minimalism and youthful vibrancy, founder Simon Porte Jacquemus has garnered immense acclaim within the fashion industry, culminating in a remarkable showcase held at the iconic Versailles. With astute finesse, he has elevated the brand’s status from a cherished insider gem to a phenomenon that captivates a wide audience.

Hailing from the sun-kissed landscapes of Provence in the South of France, Jacquemus imbues his designs with a poignant sense of nostalgia and an unwavering connection to his origins. Drawing inspiration from the resplendent Mediterranean scenery, vibrant hues, and laid-back lifestyle of the region, Jacquemus offers a refreshing departure from the conventional Parisian aesthetic. In doing so, he deftly strikes a harmonious balance between commercial appeal and conceptual ingenuity, forging an entirely unparalleled artistic vision.

In addition to the commendable artistic vision, it is worth highlighting the remarkable sales achievement of the brand, with revenues exceeding €200 million in the previous year, a substantial leap from the €100 million mark in 2021. While CEO Bastien Daguzan has refrained from specifying a precise sales target, he has projected a trajectory that propels the brand towards the remarkable milestone of €500 million by 2025. Such ambitious aspirations reflect the brand’s unwavering commitment to sustained growth and indisputable market impact.

Through their innovative designs and ingenious branding strategies, Jacquemus has triumphantly transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary. In the following article, we’ll delve into pivotal elements that underpin Jacquemus’ ability to transcend conventions, standing resolutely apart from the masses while constructing an exceptional brand.


  1. Innovative Runway Presentations
  2. House DNA: Authenticity and Youthful Culture
  3. Excelling in Marketing and Communication
  4. Immersive and Whimsical Retail Spaces
  5. Key Takeaways


Let’s start by acknowledging the recent remarkable show at Versailles by Jacquemus, which demonstrates the brand’s pioneering approach. Known for its immersive runway presentations that go beyond traditional fashion shows, Jacquemus constantly pushes boundaries. This remarkable achievement owes much to the creative prowess of Bureau Betak’s production team. By choosing breathtaking locations like lavender fields and beaches, Jacquemus enhances the story surrounding each collection, creating an unforgettable experience for the audience.

Through the power of social media, the brand amplifies the impact of these presentations, reaching a wider audience and gaining greater influence. In the most recent show, tantalizing glimpses were shared on Instagram, subtly referencing the iconography of the Sun King’s court and evoking Marie Antoinette-like wigs. By captivating followers with intriguing hints, Jacquemus effectively capitalizes on their excitement and intellectual engagement.

This community-building approach bridges the gap between the privileged few invited to the Grand Canal for the show and the enthusiastic fans following along on socials.

The intellectual stimulation inherent in Jacquemus’ endeavors has an undeniably universal allure, while the grandeur of the runway shows elevates them to the status of a “must-see” spectacle.

Moreover, inclusivity and diversity are fundamental values for Jacquemus. The brand actively embraces models of diverse ethnicities, showcasing a range of body types and genders, championing a vision of beauty and style that includes everyone. By featuring diverse representations, Jacquemus sets a transformative example within the industry, resonating with a broad audience that seeks authenticity and genuine representation.

House DNA: Authenticity and Youthful Culture

At every stage of the consumer journey, a brand’s DNA should play a vital role, seamlessly intertwining with the overall experience. This understanding of the importance of an authentic brand voice is deeply ingrained in Jacquemus.

They surpass the role of mere fashion vendors and instead foster a community that embraces the sincere spirit of an endearing youthful culture, personified by their creative director.

The brand’s captivating presence on Instagram cannot be ignored. One poignant post stands out, featuring the words: “5 years ago Anna Wintour asked if I wanted to work for a big house. I said I have a big house: It’s called Jacquemus” – Simon Porte Jacquemus. These authentic declarations epitomize the visionary leadership at the forefront of the brand, inviting the audience to form a deeper connection with Jacquemus beyond his artistic creations.

Embedded within the brand’s DNA is an enchanting element of surprise, meticulously woven into every consumer encounter. Jacquemus possesses a remarkable ability to orchestrate “wow” moments without overwhelming the senses, striking a harmonious balance between impressive distinctiveness and absorbability. They astutely avoid inundating their audience while skillfully leaving a lasting impact.

By encapsulating the spirit of surprise, embracing a thoughtfully minimalistic aesthetic, and defying conventional fashion norms, Jacquemus forges an extraordinary and invigorating brand identity. Their resonance with youth culture is palpable, yet they steer clear of condescension and never take themselves too seriously, reinforcing the brand’s universal allure.

Excelling in Marketing and Communication

Recognizing the importance of establishing a strong online presence, Jacquemus showcases unrivaled expertise in the realm of digital marketing and communication. By harnessing the potential of diverse platforms and channels, the brand skillfully engages with its audience, forging meaningful connections. Through meticulously crafted social media campaigns that captivate the eye and interactive website experiences that mesmerize the senses, Jacquemus presents its collections in a way that deeply resonates with its digitally savvy following. By embracing innovation and seamlessly translating its whimsical charm into the online realm, the brand effectively navigates the ever-evolving landscape of digital engagement.

With a keen understanding of the market, Jacquemus astutely positions its best-selling creations as the focal point of its social media strategy.

Handbags, which represent a significant portion of the brand’s sales, commanding approximately 60 percent, clearly demonstrate their pivotal role. Through meticulous digital strategies, the brand crafts captivating moments that leave viewers enthralled. A prime example of this is the remarkable marketing campaign surrounding the iconic Bambino bag, effortlessly captivating attention and etching a lasting imprint in the minds of its audience.

Immersive and Whimsical Retail Spaces

Jacquemus surpasses expectations in reimagining the conventional retail experience, transforming their stores into immersive and whimsical spaces that transcend mere product displays.

The brand curates a complete journey for customers, where every step presents an opportunity to be enchanted. Through captivating art installations and mesmerizing window displays, Jacquemus effortlessly draws in passersby, inviting them into its captivating world.

By prioritizing engagement and creating memorable moments, the brand leaves an enduring impression on its customers, forging a lasting connection.

Illustrating this commitment to transcending expectations, Jacquemus collaborates with visionary designers like Random Studio to conjure awe-inspiring spectacles. Picture enormous tubes of Jacquemus toothpaste taking center stage in shop windows or oversized lemon juicers brimming with activity. These imaginative installations not only ignite creativity and inspiration but also beckon passersby to step into the captivating realm of Jacquemus, actively participating in the brand’s narrative.

Moreover, Jacquemus employs vibrant and monochromatic pop-up spaces that defy the conventional notion of a store. These meticulously designed environments go beyond mere shopping destinations; they offer transformative experiences.

Possessing a magnetic allure, these distinctive pop-ups attract thousands of visitors and capture the attention of hundreds of thousands through the lens of social media. Radiating joy and evoking delight, they elevate the brand’s products beyond mere handbags, transforming them into cherished artifacts of a memorable encounter.

In essence, Jacquemus redefines the retail experience by seamlessly blending creativity, artistry, and a profound understanding of the power of joyful engagement. Through their extraordinary store transformations, the brand crafts immersive environments that captivate not only customers but also leave an indelible mark on the collective imagination of all fortunate enough to witness the unfolding magic.

Balancing Simplicity with Provocative Campaigns

Jacquemus’s marketing campaigns expertly blend opulence, minimalism, relatability, and whimsical storytelling, transporting viewers to luxurious summertime destinations. Through their rich textures, captivating colors, and immersive narratives, the brand invites audiences to indulge in the sun-soaked adventure and embrace the allure of Jacquemus’s luxury escapism.

Setting themselves apart from the crowd, the brand astutely aligns their campaign releases with the pace of the Instagram era, recognizing the need to continually engage and satisfy their audience’s appetite for fresh content.

Each Jacquemus campaign is thoughtfully curated, featuring captivating themes that resonate with the brand’s ethos and captivate the imaginations of viewers. These themes include–

Relatability and authenticity: Jacquemus’s marketing campaigns successfully create a relatable atmosphere by incorporating elements of everyday life and candid moments. By using selfies taken at home and unstyled shots, the brand connects with people and offers a sense of authenticity.

Humor and charm: A prime example is their collaboration with Bad Bunny and the clever use of playful vignettes. Through this collaboration, they not only showcase their knack for humor but also touch upon important concepts like gender fluidity, all in a manner that feels true to the authentic voice of the brand. This thoughtful and charming approach adds a poetic balance to their messaging, creating a captivating and memorable experience for their audience.

Embracing diversity and breaking boundaries: Through collaborations and campaigns that explore concepts like gender fluidity, Jacquemus showcases a commitment to diversity and inclusivity. This resonates with a wide range of audiences and helps the brand connect with people on a deeper level.

Visual storytelling: Jacquemus’s campaigns excel in visually captivating narratives. Through the use of talented photographers and directors, the brand creates immersive experiences that transport viewers to luxurious and aspirational settings. These campaigns effectively tell a story and evoke emotions, enticing audiences to engage with the brand.

Seasonal relevance and trendsetting: By staying in tune with current trends and capturing the essence of each season, Jacquemus’s campaigns remain relevant and appeal to fashion-forward audiences. The brand’s ability to create a distinct visual identity and evoke a specific mood or atmosphere helps position them as trendsetters in the industry.

Key Takeaways

  1. Innovative Runway Presentations: Jacquemus is known for its immersive runway presentations that go beyond traditional fashion shows. By choosing breathtaking locations and captivating the audience through social media, the brand creates unforgettable experiences and generates excitement and intellectual engagement.
  2. House DNA: Authenticity and Youthful Culture: Jacquemus fosters a community that embraces the sincere spirit of an endearing youthful culture. The brand’s authentic declarations and thoughtfully minimalistic aesthetic create surprise moments and an extraordinary brand identity that resonates with a broad audience.
  3. Excelling in Marketing and Communication: Jacquemus showcases expertise in digital marketing and communication, engaging with its audience through social media campaigns and interactive website experiences. The brand strategically positions its best-selling creations, such as handbags, as focal points, creating captivating moments that leave a lasting imprint.
  4. Immersive and Whimsical Retail Spaces: Jacquemus reimagines the conventional retail experience by transforming stores into immersive and whimsical spaces. Through captivating art installations and mesmerizing window displays, the brand curates a complete journey for customers, creating memorable moments and forging lasting connections.
  5. Balancing Simplicity with Provocative Campaigns: Jacquemus’s marketing campaigns blend opulence, relatability, and whimsical storytelling. The brand aligns campaign releases with the pace of the Instagram era, incorporates relatable elements, infuses humor and charm, embraces diversity, and excels in visual storytelling, staying relevant and positioning itself as a trendsetter.

Overall, Jacquemus’s success stems from its ability to create immersive experiences, foster a sense of authenticity and youthfulness, excel in marketing and communication, and reimagine retail spaces while maintaining a balance between simplicity and provocative campaigns.