Daring Drapery resort 2025 womenswear trend header image with fashion photos from chloe, louis vuitton & more

Daring Drapery

Resort 2025 Fashion Trend

Dare to be draped: the global runways of the Resort 2025 season are reinventing the timeless technique to create bold, voluminous silhouettes that move beautifully wherever your journeys may take you. Daring and dramatic draped looks abound, from classical toga-like swaths to twisting, ruching, oversized reinterpretations of pleating.

While silks and chiffons are a familiar seasonal favorite for their lightness and fluidity, the eclecticism of the material palette within this trend mirrors that of its anything-goes mentality when it comes to all imaginable forms of drapery.

Wraps, asymmetrical gathering, and oversized poofy dresses could all be seen from Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and Christopher Esber – each with their own distinct design lens. Meanwhile, in keeping with its historical fantasia in the Scottish highlands, Dior’s draping is more reminiscent of aristocratic capes. Erdem channels origami-like intricacy, and at Chloé, cascading ruffles are a key ingredient in Chemena Kamali’s new formula for 70s boho meets Paris chic.