Del Core Unveils First US Flagship Store in New York

Del Core Unveils First US Flagship Store in New York

Following a plan of considered but steady expansion, Del Core announces the opening a new boutique in New York’s Upper East Side: the second globally for the house, and the first in the US.

Located in a townhouse at number 789 of Madison Avenue, the boutique has been envisioned by creative director Daniel Del Core to offer customers an experience as telling of the house values as the clothing. With its sharp lines, organic profiles and custom-made elements, the store is at once a living organism and a sci-fi lab full of surprises.

Spread over three floors for a total 702 square meters, with a fourth floor housing a showroom and press office for celebrity appointments, the space is bathed in the pale shade of green that is Del Core’s signature color. Access happens through a full-height glass door with avocatus marble handles, flanked by symmetrical display windows.

Long, deep and narrow, the first floor is an infinity space devoid of sharp angles. The gaze is immediately drawn towards a totemic cylinder covered in black-lacquered elm tree briarwood that stands tall at the end of the room. This sculptural element is eye catching as it is functional – it houses in fact the changing rooms, lined and carpeted in padded pale pink velvet – and, flanked by a staircase, rises up to the circular mezzanine, which like the first floor houses the ready to wear collections and the accessories: a glass-encased balcony resembling the bridge of a spaceship. The black racks on both floors look like branches upon which items of clothing are suspended. Furniture elements in avocatus marble and black-lacquered elm tree have an imposing presence but are sparsely laid out; sofas embellished with fringes recall the shape of rocks covered in moss, echoing the landscapes that inspire the collections.

The atmosphere changes completely on the third floor, devoted to couture. Here, lines get sharp and angular: a massive set of drawers and a wardrobe entirely made of mirror lined in white padded cotton toile – rule over space; green avocatus marble sits on the walls and ivory resin is used on the floor. Intimate and welcoming, the changing room is a luxury suite for a fully custom- made experience: an ivory room, and a white marble bathroom.

With its distinctive layout and unique grammar of materials and colors, the New York boutique reiterates the Del Core store concept conveying the culture of the house in spatial form.

Preciousness and wonder are what I am after. This opening is a new step in our expansion. We are now ready to play in New York, in one of luxury shopping’s main areas, in a way that embodies the values we stand for

– Daniel Del Core, Creative Director of Del Core.