Diesel Library Spring 2022 Ad Campaign


‘Library’ Spring 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Diesel ‘Library’ Spring 2022 ad campaign by Creative Director Christopher Simmonds with Photographer Frank Lebon with models Aron Piper, Toni Braxton, Diezel Braxton, Denim Braxton, Lauren Tsai, Ella Snyder & Renzo Rosso

Diesel has launched its first advertising campaign to celebrate the launch of Diesel Library, the label’s made-to-stay responsible denim line. It is part of the market debut of Creative Director Glenn Martens’ Spring 2022 collection.

The Diesel Library embodies a new approach to a more genderless design concept, bringing sustainability to the forefront of the process, a fusion of Diesel’s denim expertise with innovations towards a better future. Every piece in the Diesel library is designed to minimize impact, incorporating responsibly sourced cotton and other environmentally preferred materials and trims, as well as washes and finishes designed to limit water and chemical usage. These include: alternative pumice stone, Ozone and nebulization treatments and mineral dyes.

Diesel Library offers a wide range of iconiclong-lasting wardrobe essentials. Its total denim looks are built to outlive trends—and last for many years to come. Showcasing a collection made for everybody, for any occasion, Diesel introduces a star-studded cast for Diesel Library—and their many cloned facets. The iconic singer Toni Braxton with her sons Diezel and Denim Braxton; the German-Spanish actor and singer Aron Piper; American artist, actress and model Lauren Tsai; Diesel’s muse and model Ella Snyder; lastly Diesel’s very own founder and Chairman of OTB Group, Renzo Rosso, makes an appearance celebrating Diesel’s heritage.

The campaign packs a visual punch of inversion and irony—befitting of Diesel’s long-standing irreverence. It explores the concept of multiplicity , with the images consisting of compositions built of every subject in different Denim Library outfits, multiplied many times.

Diesel Library Spring 2022 Ad Campaign

Diesel Creative Director | Glen Martens
Creative Director | Christopher Simmonds
Photographer/Director | Frank Lebon
Models | Aron Piper, Toni Braxton, Diezel Braxton, Denim Braxton, Lauren Tsai, Ella Snyder & Renzo Rosso
Stylist | Ursina Gysi
Digital Content Director | Rosie Marks
Production Designer | Jabez Bartlett