Dior Launches Check'N'Dior Instagram Augmented Reality


Launches Check'N'Dior Instagram Augmented Reality

Never one to rest on its laurels, Dior has launched a new augmented reality filter on Instagram called Check’N’Dior. Developed in collaboration with The Mill, Check’N’Dior is an immersive experience that invites customers to try accessories virtually, with the added embellishment of dramatic vintage lashes via face recognition software.

Dior Launches Check'N'Dior Instagram Augmented Reality

Dior’s filter’s look was inspired by “young Fifties-era rebels known as Teddy Girls”. By the mid-1950’s, second-hand Edwardian suits started to become available and were adopted by working-class teens. These “Teddy girls” would pair their tailored jackets with brooches, clutch bags, and fancy headwear…hence the AR veil and Dior canvas hat in three color options: white and black, red, and emerald green. Supermodel Natalia Mikhailovna Vodianova gave it a whirl, resulting in the Instagram post below.

The program is really well designed, allowing customers to easily engage with the brand in a playful manner while showcasing how Dior isn’t resting in the digital age. Check’N’Dior down-ages the brand in just the right way, turning new customers onto the brand in an experiential, dyanamic fashion and ensuring that the brand is still relevant with the post-Millenial generation. Cheers to Dior for trying something new, and inventing a fun and transformative way for customers to interact with the brand.