Dior Returns to Venice Biennale

The House Supports a Series of Artist Exhibitions Throughout the Week

Dior returns to the Venice Biennale, showcasing its commitment to both art and cultural preservation. Returning as an official donor, the French fashion house is sponsoring a series of collateral exhibitions as well as collaborating with the Venetian Heritage Foundation for the third consecutive year on its charity ball.

“The history of our house has always been connected to the world of art, Monsieur Dior having been a collector, gallerist and friend of the greatest artists before becoming a couturier,” said Delphine Arnault, chairman and chief executive officer of Christian Dior Couture. “Today, by reviving this exceptional collaboration with Venetian Heritage, Dior is more than ever perpetuating this passion and affirming its unwavering support for creation in all its forms, as well as for the preservation of Venetian heritage,” she added, calling the activations “a unique tribute to the invaluable cultural capital of Venice, eternally inspiring and so dear to our hearts.”

The 60th International Art Exhibition, curated by Adriano Pedrosa, will feature works under the theme “Foreigners Everywhere,” inspired by Claire Fontaine, a feminist art collective that has collaborated with Dior previously. Among the exhibits, Claire Fontaine will unveil installations at key locations within the Venice Arsenale.

Dior’s involvement extends to supporting exhibitions featuring artists like Madhvi and Manu Parekh, along with new works created in collaboration with Indian artists and the Chanakya School of Craft in Mumbai. These initiatives reflect Dior’s ongoing partnerships and support for artistic endeavors.

Additionally, Parfums Christian Dior will back a show featuring the work of Eva Jospin at the Fortuny Museum, who has also contributed to Dior’s fashion shows with her designs.

The festivities will commence with the Naumachia Ball, a fundraising dinner hosted at the Arsenale Vecchio. The gala’s theme pays homage to the tradition of naumachia, the tradition of reenacting naval battles that began in the Roman Empire and was popular at European royal courts in the 17th and 18th centuries. Proceeds will be directed towards the restoration of the Arsenale’s Porta Magna main gate and ongoing renovations at the Ca’ d’Oro Museum.