Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Dior Riviera Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Sr. Creative Director Margot Populaire
and Art Director Susie Kim of Agency Baron & Baron with Photographer Pamela Hanson, Director Bella Smith, and models Ana Barbosa, Mia Brown, and Sara Esparza

Dior welcomes summer with a new campaign in celebration of the Riviera summer collection. The campaign features creative direction by Baron & Baron’s Sr. Creative Director Margot Populaire and Art Director Susie Kim along with photography by Pamela Hanson and film direction by Bella Smith.

Each season, the summery Dior Riviera collection is reconfigured by Maria Grazie Chiuri and sold in boutiques and pop-ups at resort towns around the world, offering tourists in-season items to amplify their experience. More than just clothing and accessories, Grazie Chiuri’s beloved toile de jouy patterns appear on pieces like beach chairs, hammocks, and surfboards. This season, Dior even collaborated with Vespa to create a co-branded scooter, elevating an iconic Mediterranean mode of transport even further.

Conceptually, the campaign is quite simple, as it seeks to tie together this constellation of interconnected summertime offerings. But the narrative never feels forced; though the beats come quickly, there is a laidback feeling of freedom throughout as we follow a group of young friends along a dreamy summertime adventure through a coastal Mediterranean town.

In typical Baron & Baron fashion, the film by Bella Smith oozes with style and production value.

Hanson’s photographs gather together favorite moments of this journey, sometimes singly and sometimes in a combined collage format. This latter approach has the feeling of an elevated summer scrapbook, nicely capturing the sense that summer is for making beloved memories.

The Dior Riviera collection is expansive in its offerings but unified in its aesthetic, and the campaign does an excellent job of communicating this summertime spirit of beauty and possibility.

Dior Women’s Creative Director | Maria Grazia Chiuri
Agency | Baron & Baron
Sr. Creative Director | Margot Populaire
Art Director | Susie Kim
Director | Bella Smith
Photographer | Pamela Hanson
Models | Ana Barbosa, Mia Brown, and Sara Esparza
Stylist | Jessica Diehl
Hair | Benjamin Muller
Makeup | Miguel Ramos
Casting Director | Nicola Kast
Set Designer | Jeffrey Perez

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