Produces Underwear Campaign Directed by Steven Klein

Instagram influencers and thirst traps rule the game. Selfies and mirror pictures can open floodgates, and leave insta dm’s wet. Dean and Dan Caten, creative directors for Dsquared2, know exactly what we like to see on our feeds. They’ve proven so many times over. There are the stories we watch on loop. There are the videos we screen record and save for later. These traps get us every time we log into Instagram. 

Dsquared2’s latest trap is a partnership with Steven Klein with art direction by Giovanni Bianco for their underwear campaign—a literal series of Instagram stories. It’s important to note that instead of publishing live Instagram stories, Dsquared2 has made a compilation instead; flipping the vertical story on its side. In this way, Dsquared2 breaks the unofficial (official) rules of navigating Instagram’s framework.

The campaign stars hunks Devin Truss, Diego Villarreal, Matthew Van De Sande, August Gonét, Alec Nysten, and Vincent Kowalski, in all of their glory. In the bathroom. At the gym. In the tanning booth. In the bedroom. Dean and Dan Caten of Dsquared2 have revealed their underwear collection in the most tasteful of ways. Yes, taste full. Flex that body, Dsquared2. 

Dsquared Creative Directors | Dean and Dan Caten
Agency | GB65
Creative Director | Giovanni Bianco
Director | Steven Klein
Models | Devin Truss, Diego Villarreal, Matthew Van De Sande, August James Gonét, Alec Nysten, & Vincent Kowalski
Casting Director | Ricky Michiels