Donde Esteban News 2024

Esteban Cortázar Launches New Donde Esteban Label

Celebrating Endless Summer with a Personal Touch: A Journey Through the Designer’s Roots

Colombian designer Esteban Cortázar is set to launch his newest brand, ‘Donde Esteban,’ a name that evokes a sense of place and personal invitation to the world of endless summer lovers. This brand stands out not just for its fashion-forward resort wear but for the personal journey it represents for Cortázar, tracing his vibrant heritage across Cartagena, Miami, Ibiza, and Paris.

With a career that blossomed in the early 2000s, Cortázar quickly became known for his designs that seamlessly blend Latin American vibrancy with French elegance. His debut at the 2002 New York Fashion Week marked the beginning of a distinguished journey in fashion, eventually leading him to become a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in 2006. His talents led him to Paris, where he took the creative helm at the House of Emanuel Ungaro in 2007, further solidifying his status in the fashion world.

Cortázar’s career is a tapestry of high-profile collaborations and creative ventures, including capsule collections for Net-a-Porter and partnerships with iconic names such as the French concept store Colette, Latin American retail giant Éxito, the New York City Ballet, Farfetch, and even the French soccer team Paris Saint-Germain. These collaborations underscore his versatility and wide-ranging appeal in the fashion and cultural sectors.

Now, Cortázar is channeling his rich personal and professional experiences into ‘Donde Esteban.’ The brand is a reflection of his life, spent across four vibrant locales, each contributing to his unique aesthetic. ‘Donde Esteban’ promises unisex pieces that celebrate the laid-back yet vivid spirit of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. These designs come to life through collaborations with artists, including his father, Valentino Cortázar, ensuring each piece carries a story and a connection to Esteban’s roots.

“Donde Esteban started from a personal idea of showing my roots and where I come from and transporting people into my world in the most authentic way. It is about giving my community a true image of who Esteban is as a person, where he comes from, who his family, his friends, his community are, and the places that have shaped him, all into one concept and platform that goes beyond fashion, lifestyle, and culture,” Cortázar explains. This venture is more than a fashion line; it’s an invitation to explore the designer’s world, embodying the essence of his heritage and the myriad influences that have shaped his creative vision.

The essence of ‘Donde Esteban’ lies in its ability to transport wearers to Cortázar’s beloved places—the mystical Es Vedrà in Ibiza, the serene sunsets in Barú, and the majestic landscapes of the Magdalena and Sierra Nevada in Colombia. These inspirations are vividly captured in the prints designed by Valentino Cortázar, adding a deeply personal touch to the collection.

Scheduled for launch on April 9th, ‘Donde Esteban’ will be available on its official website and through social media channels. This launch marks a significant milestone in Cortázar’s career, embodying his vision of fashion as a lifestyle adventure that transcends traditional boundaries. It’s a testament to his commitment to celebrating his roots and sharing the vibrancy of Latin American culture with the world.