'We Are All One' Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

Etro makes a mystical connection with nature in their latest campaign.

With creative direction by Macs Iotti, the Fall 2020 campaign explores the idea of unity and harmony with the natural world. Entitled “We Are All One,” it features a cast of humans alongside a cast of animals, and creates a dialogue between the two.

A short film by Dario Catellani, who also handles photography, features a conversation exploring the meaning of the campaign’s titular phrase. “We are all one,” claims Mario the swan as the film opens, “but what does that mean?” In keeping with Etro’s bohemian flair, the resulting discussion dips into some new age hippy psychobabble, but still feels elegant and uplifting.

Catellani’s photographs explore this idea of harmony through smart use of visual motifs. He finds beautiful and unexpected similarities between forms of animals and patterns of clothing, even incorporating plant life into his compositions. Against a simple white backdrop, this elegant aesthetic unity becomes strikingly apparent.

Is it hypocritical for a brand that still produces leather goods to create a campaign with such a strong message of loving the earth and all its creatures? Either way, Etro made a smart choice to not cast a cow. This message is still incredibly important, and Etro and Macs Iotti deserve praise for translating it so gorgeously into a visual medium.

Etro Creative Directors | Veronica Etro, Kean Etro
Agency | Macs Iotti
Creative Director | Macs Iotti
Photographer/Director | Dario Catellani
Models | Gimmo Etro, Mariacarla Boscono, Fernando Cabral, Maty Fall Diba, Eva Herzigova, David Kammenos, Felice Nova Noordhoff, Parker Van Noord, & Olivia Catellani
Stylist | Sissy Vian
Hair | Pierpaolo Lai
Makeup | Luciano Chiarello
Casting Director | Piegiorgio Del Moro
Location | Milan, (June 19th, 2020)