'Every Body' Men's Spring 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Skims ‘Every Body’ Men’s 2024 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Kim Kardashian with Photographer Vanessa Beecroft

Skims celebrates the beauty of diversity with the new “Every Body” campaign, highlighting its expanded men’s underwear and loungewear offering. The campaign was photographed by frequent brand collaborator Vanessa Beecroft.

Designing functional pieces for diverse women across various shapes, sizes, and colors has been a core practice since the beginning of Skims, and this campaign emphasizes this inclusive approach of its recently launched men’s collections as well. “In the same way anyone can be a SKIMS woman, anyone can be a SKIMS man too.” said creative director Kim Kardashian. “Regardless of lifestyle, age or body type, everyone should feel their most comfortable and confident in their everyday essentials.” 

Beecroft’s straightforward portraits feature a diverse range of men, offering a confidently direct look at the pieces that aim to fit with any man’s body and lifestyle. The accompanying short film sees these characters share what they do, offering further perspective on that idea of working for a broad range of individuals.

Nonetheless, it does feel like the campaign could have taken that commitment to inclusivity further. While tokenism would feel like too harsh of an accusation, it’s pretty clear that 90% of the men in the campaign are super fit and under 30, while just a few of the cast members are bigger, older, and/or not super jacked. For as much as Skims pushes inclusivity, it still overtly relies on long-established ideals of what a sexy, appealing body is. It also feels like a missed opportunity not to have included any trans men or differently abled men. The campaign still gets its message of beauty in diversity and body positivity across, but it’s possible that many will see it as falling short of its ostensible goal of real inclusivity, and thus as mere lip service.

All that being said, the campaign still hits hard as an expansion of the incredibly consistent brand that Skims has built, and is undeniably striking as a rare celebration of diverse masculine beauty.

Skims Creative Director | Kim Kardashian
Photographer | Vanessa Beecroft