Over The Boot Boots Fashion Trend

Over the Knee Boots

Fall 2022 Fashion Trend

Thigh-Highs Are Taking Over the Street and the Runway

The stars of the street and runway are stepping out in leg-lengthening, long long boots. Perhaps expanding on the equestrian trend that’s appeared in recent seasons, over-the-knee boots are serving power and glam, lending a sense of feminine badassery to all sorts of looks.

On the street, we’re most often seeing the style paired with shorter skirts, dresses, and shorts, allowing for just a sassy border of exposed thigh.

The runways of Fall 2022 have offered some similar looks, but with more wide-ranging aspirations. Balmain‘s long boots tied elegantly into its super-powered collection, continuing the references to modern power armor. Burberry remixed the style’s equestrian and aristocratic heritage. Hermès gave the perfect illusion. Rick Owens, of course, added platform soles and industrial goth sensibility.

Isabel Marant
Elie Saab

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