Fall 2024 Men's Fashion Trend - Grey Area

Gray Area

Men's Fall 2024 Fashion Trend

Fall 2024’s Menswear Designers Made the Most of the Many Shades Between Black and White

Versatile, timeless, neutral, sophisticated: gray was a trending color on the runways of Milan and Paris Men’s fashion weeks.

Gray’s neutral visibility allows designers to put an emphasis on form and silhouette, sculpting neutral colored fabrics into sculptural works of modern minimalism.

Meanwhile, many designers reconsidered the gray suit, rethinking this menswear staple of sober sophistication. Dior and Dolce & Gabban moved it more subtly in new directions, while Rei Kawakubo exploded its architecture as she continued her experimental and masterful tailoring at Comme des Garçons.

With an ability to blend into almost any color scheme, gray often makes sense as a wardrobe staple. As recent seasons have seen discussions of “quiet luxury” and a focus on archive pieces and long-term fashion investments, it makes sense that brands should opt for this shade that is flexible, simple, and timeless. Yet, as many of these collections prove, timeless and simple does not have to mean boring, and Fall 2024 encourages us to embrace the complexity in shades of gray.