FENDI by Marc Jacobs

Spring 2023 Ad Campaign

Review of FENDI by Marc Jacobs Spring 2023 Ad Campaign by Creative Director & Photographer Mario Sorrenti

Fendi by Marc Jacobs makes a bold debut with a slick new campaign by photographer and director Mario Sorrenti.

First unveiled as part of the collaborative Resort 2023 collection that celebrated the 25th anniversary of the house’s iconic Baguette bag, the Fendi by Marc Jacobs collection forms an exuberant mashup of the two brands’ recognizable styles. MJ favorites like monogram and playing with exaggerated proportions of classic modern pieces are intertwined with Fendi staples like the Baguette bag and the double-F’s, all realized in a slick color scheme of white, black, silver, and fluorescent yellow-green.

The campaign takes an approach that fits directly within Marc Jacobs’ established style, serving up simple yet powerfully bold studio portraits of the collection as brought to life by a cast of diverse and striking models.

The set of accompanying short videos put these portraits in motion while ratcheting up the energy via dynamic cinematography and editing and a propulsive club beat.

Triumphantly reconsidering Fendi icons through the context of the streets of New York, the campaign is a big and bold way to celebrate the collection’s unique meeting of minds.

Creative Director & Photographer | Mario Sorrenti

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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