Fendi Celebrates The 2022 Lunar New Year

FENDI Celebrates Lunar New Year with the 2022 Spring Festival Capsule Collection!

Fendi Celebrates The 2022 Lunar New Year With A Special Capsule Collection

Adding a vibrant twist to signature Fendi elements, the Fendi 2022 Spring Festival Exclusive Capsule Collection presents an orange tiger print motif, in celebration of the Year of the Tiger. Traditional flowers blooming around the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival are combined with the iconic FF logo, while the Men’s Collection features a gradient black and grey variant of the iconic monogram.

To capture the spirit of the festive vibe, the Fendi 2022 Spring Festival Exclusive campaign features Fendi Greater China Men’s Collection Spokesperson Jackson Wang and dancer Joni.

By transferring, remixing, inverting signs and values from a visual heritage taken for granted, it questions what underlies it, and fertilizes it with new potential narratives by bringing in identities long left out of the picture. Transcending times, beliefs and cultures, “Testament” thus bears witness to a possible new mythological order, that of an open language, with a universalist syntax.

The rich compositions, anachronistic and with a rigorous aestheticism, freely associate various iconographic references – from ancient mythology and sacred art to pop culture – and assert a freedom of reinterpreting without nevertheless claiming to want to place itself in a posture of rewriting History.

These 15 monumental photographs thus allow themselves to create a new visual belief system that produces wonder, underpinned by a dramatic tension of reconciliation of our heritages.