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Winter Sports 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Fendi Winter Sports Collection 2022 Ad Campaign with Talent Jackson Wang & Joni

Fendi carves its way onto the ski capsule trend with a new campaign in celebration of its winter sports collection.

Fendi injects its signature design aesthetic into a range of mountain-ready staples with a cohesive color scheme of black, white, and ice blue. While the collection arrives alongside similar ski collections from houses like Chanel, Prada, and Louis Vuitton, Fendi’s takes a bit of a farther-looking approach, and was created with both the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics and the Year of the Tiger in mind – the latter of which can be seen in the collection’s tiger stripes.

The campaign stars rapper and singer Jackson Wang and dancer Joni as they get ready to ski in style and hit the slopes. The film makes it no secret the style is one of the foremost concerns of the collection, as a voiceover from Wang guides us through getting ready for a perfect day of skiing, with important steps including picking the perfect music and taking a selfie.

The photographs transform a studio into a dreamy mountainside location, the perfect backdrop for looks that are ready to go from chairlift to chalet in ice-cold style.

The campaign follows a typical formula of what we’ve come to expect from this winter’s slew of ski campaigns, but this isn’t a bad thing: the unique joy of winter activity is universal and timeless, and Fendi puts their distinct mark on it with style and fun.

Models | Jackson Wang & Joni

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