Feng Chen Wang Spring 2025 Men's Fashion Show
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Feng Chen Wang

Spring 2025 Men's Fashion Show

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Get an exclusive look at Feng Chen Wang‘s innovative Spring 2025 men’s fashion show from the runways of Paris Men’s Fashion Week, held in June 2024.

Feng Chen Wang Blends Ancient Crafts with Modern Designs in Spring Show

An avid collector of ancient objects, Feng Chen Wang, shared her inspiration backstage after her spring show, describing herself as a time traveler merging heritage crafts with contemporary fashion trends.

For her spring collection, Wang focused on techniques from traditional ceramics, incorporating surface cracking and glaze effects into her textile designs. This approach added a lived-in charm to gradient denim, grandpa cardigans, and slip-ons from her collaboration with Ugg.

In addition to ceramics, Wang also drew inspiration from bamboo crafts and dyeing techniques like “yuzi xie,” which created a waffle texture along with unique patterns. The collection featured generously cut garments in tonal shades of celadon blue and earthy browns.

Wang highlighted the significance of these crafts by introducing an upscale capsule collection called “Feng Line,” showcasing the most elaborate examples of her work.

While maintaining her signature streetwear aesthetic, Wang also incorporated elements of relaxed, tailored layers and gender fluidity in her designs. This included double-layer jackets with matching tailored shorts or pleated skirts, marking her first foray into womenswear more firmly.

The show attracted a diverse front-row audience, including Japanese rapper Reo Sano, designer Verdy, and American footballers such as Paris Johnson Jr. from the Arizona Cardinals. This reinforced Wang’s rising reputation in the fashion world.