Gap Spring 2024 Ad Campaign


Spring 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Gap Spring 2024 Ad Campaign by Directors J Lloyd and Charlie Di Placido with Talent Tyla

Gap celebrates motion and music with a new Spring 2024 campaign that brings together the brand’s retro reputation for musician collaborations with an exciting intersection of next-generation talent.

The campaign was directed by J Lloyd and Charlie Di Placido of the electronic duo Jungle, who also lend their hit track “Back On 74” and inspiration from its music video to the campaign, and stars South African singer and dancer Tyla. At just 22 years old, Tyla rose to international fame last year with her single “Water,” which went on to earn her the inaugural Grammy Award for Best African Music Performance.

Choreographer Shay Latukolan teams with Jungle for a dance video inspired by the track’s music video, which became a global phenomenon on TikTok and inspired a dance craze with over a billion views.

It’s an absolute honor to be in a Gap campaign – so many iconic artists have worked with Gap and I now get to be one of them. I’m excited for my fans to see me do a new type of dance where I’m styled in comfortable clothes with my own personal touches. It was really fun – a true celebration of music, fashion and dance.

– Tyla

The film recreates Jungle’s already iconic “Back On 74” with Tyla in the lead and styling that emphasizes the dynamic qualities of wardrobe staples crafted from a material we might not immediately associate with Gap: linen. But the campaign’s uplifting embodiment of ease of motion and musical self-expression does feel very Gap. It feels like a return to the brand’s music-forward campaigns of the late 90s and 2000s – especially 1998’s iconic Khakis Swing campaign, whose tagline is cleverly revisited as the new “Linen Moves” – but updates it with an exciting roster of young talent who bring this spirit into the age of TikTok trends.

Engaging, energetic, and uplifting, the campaign is a brilliantly conceived meeting of minds and musicians.

Creative Director | Calvin George Leung
Directors | J Lloyd and Charlie Di Placido
1st Assistant Director | Sam Roffey
Director of Photography | Peter Bishop
Steadicam Operator | Gary Kent
Production Designer | Nicola Bell⁠
Creative Agency | Invisible Dynamics
Producers | Invisible Dynamics and Contentus Maximus⁠
BTS Capture | Duncan Wolfe and Ben Soloman ⁠
Stylist | Caroline Newell
Talent | Tyla
Choreographer | Shay Latukolan
Music | “Back On 74” by Jungle

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression