Generation Grunge

Fall 2022 Fashion Trend

Smelled Like Teen Spirit

Something was in the air this season, and it smelled like teen spirit, as the ‘Seattle Sound’ that became the soundtrack to a generation of angst-ridden teens, once again resonates with a co-hort of youths seeking to break away from the norm. The aesthetic has cleaned up its act since its days of frayed denim and faded T-shirts, but designers still opted to retain its thrifted roots. Less dishevelled and more effortless cool, multiple layers were worn long-over-long with flannel plaids, graphic logo tees, and DIY knitwear topped off with plush shearling outerwear. R13 kept it true to spirit. Dsquared2 embraced it. Givenchy owned the Grunge-Goth look.

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