Gentle Monster BOLD Collection 2nd Drop 2023 ad campaign photos

Gentle Monster

BOLD Collection 2nd Drop 2023 Ad Campaign

Review of Gentle Monster ‘BOLD’ Collection 2nd Drop 2023 Ad Campaign by Photographer Ari Versluis with talent Annike, Cyan, Fabian, and Sem

Gentle Monster busts a move with a new campaign in celebration of the second drop of its ‘BOLD’ collection, shot by photographer Ari Versluis.

The titular boldness of the eyewear collection is brought to the fore via a slick and minimal yet graphically powerful photographic approach. Versluis captures his models against a stark white backdrop, where their club-ready sportswear, funky neo-punk haircuts, and of course slick shades cut an impactful figure.

The accompanying short film deploys the same visual aesthetic, but sees these characters bust out some zany and energetic dance moves to the sounds of pounding Berlin techno courtesy of Gabber Eleganza.

True to its name, the campaign is nothing if not bold.

Photographer & Videographer | Ari Versluis
Talent | Annike, Cyan, Fabian, and Sem
Stylist | Erik Raynal 
Makeup | Kenny Campbell
Music | Gabber Eleganza

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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