Fall 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Giada Fall 2022 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Gabriele Colangelo with Photographer Chris Rhodes and Model Marte Mei Van Haaster

To capture the collection’s gentility, beauty, and timelessness, Creative Director Gabriele Colangelo worked alongside photographer Chris Rodes in a soulful collection of effortlessly stylish and graceful images. The campaign is a reminder that the simplest things are the most stunning.

The Giada A/W 2022 campaign presents a powerful anecdote to the brand. And in turn, it offers an everlasting image of understated elegance.

The campaign’s destination imagery was inspired by the provocative thought process behind the collection. Colangelo evoked the beautiful premise of a flower emerging from amongst the rocks, representing fragility, beauty, and strength. At the same time, he was motivated by the colours from volcanic landscapes and the northern lights reflected from the water, while the rocky surfaces brought hues of horn, and the warm burnt shades of ochre, highlighting the harmonious bond with nature. 

“This is also related to my background in the study of classical literature. It is also the nemesis. Which means imitation. There is nothing more beautiful than the things that you see in nature”

– Gabriele Colangelo

In transposing the delicate colours of the water’s reflection and the shifting light from the rocks of an Italian marble quarry, the imagery delicately reveals the beauty and the patterns on the luxurious materials flowing around the feminine form, all executed with the sublimation of fineness.

Against the serenity of this emotive backdrop, model Marte Mei Van Haaster effortlessly moves towards the sunlight and dances against the natural rock formation. This intriguing dialogue exposed and highlighted the delicacy of the languid silhouettes, alternating between short and revealing shapes and disclosing the personality of a woman who is both delicate and strong, sophisticated and feminine. The photographer draws his lense to the finite details – the singular flower haloed against the blue of the coat, the display of soft, unfurling silken pleats, or the intimate craftsmanship on the back of a fluid sheath dress.

 I look to the power, wonder and beauty of nature.”

– Gabriele Colangelo

The jewellery captured a zen-like appeal at one with the surface of the rocks as if these carefully crafted pieces represented the weather-worn rocks but were smooth to the touch. There were irregularly shaped cuffs, finished with a clasp of gold that shone in the sunlight. A close-up image reveals the asymmetrical crafting of an ebony-coloured earring, highlighting the uneven surface and delicacy of the pearl and a leather purse, singularly emphasizing the shape of the chromatic cut of crystals. These unique elements are all part of the continuing aesthetic of the Creative Director’s connection with nature. 

Conceptually uncomplicated yet rich with nuanced attention to detail, form, and colour, through his lens, Chris Rodes allow us to enter this timeless world while also tapping into the sensitive and thoughtful aesthetic of Colangelo.

Here the elevated craftsmanship of the brand, the confluence with nature, and the serenity of motion coexist perfectly. By capturing the sunlight, the patterning of the rocks, the feminine grace of the model and the clothing, the Giada A/W 2022 evokes a soft sensuality, spreading the evanescent yet present touch of a woman who is like a flower among the rocks. 

Giada Creative Director | Gabriele Colangelo
Photographer | Chris Rhodes
Videographer | Enrico Marzico
Models | Marte Mei Van Haaster
Stylist | Karen Kaiser
Hair | Pawel Solis
Makeup | Cosetta Giorgetti
Manicurist | Annarel Innocente Furina
Casting Director | Shaun Beyen

Fashion Editor - London | The Impression