Gucci '25H Timepieces Collection' Ad Campaign


'25H Timepieces Collection' Ad Campaign

Review of Gucci ’25H Timepieces Collection’ Ad Campaign by Photographer Mert & Marcus with model Idris Elba

by Aidel Townsley

Gucci’s 25H timepieces collection is showcased by British actor and producer, Idris Elba. The campaign’s retro vibe and humorous cheek is envisioned by creative director Alessandro Michelle, with photography by Mert & Marcus. 

Elba contemplates his relationship with time in a single-take sequence voice-over monologue. He compares himself to a kid in a candy shop, always spending more of his time and never feeling satiated. This is both interesting and comedic, as the image of the extremely poised and empowered Elba hungrily digging his fingers into a bowl of “time” is hard to picture. 

Idris adds a playful element to the tagline, “It’s Gucci Time,” delivered with stoicism but with a cheeky glint. The combination of contemporary suits with art-deco vintage elements alludes to time itself, with all its repetitions, elusivity, and irony.

Gucci Creative Director | Alessandro Michele
Creative Director | Alessandro Michele
Photographer | Mert & Marcus
Models | Idris Elba
Hair | Riaze Foster
Makeup | Jojo Williams