Gucci Celebrates Release Of Artist Mickalene Thomas’ First Monograph At Art Basel

Gucci and Deux Femmes Noires Mickalene Thomas and Racquel Chevremont

Gucci Hosted Mickalene Thomas And Racquel Chevremont In A Celebratory Book-Signing Event As Part Of Miami’s Art Basel

As part of Art Basel in Miami, Gucci invited Deux Femmes Noires – the duo of artist Mickalene Thomas and her partner, art consultant and collector Racquel Chevrement – to host an evening in celebration of the release of Thomas’ new Monograph book.

Inspired by 1970’s themes in Mickalene Thomas’s work, the Paradise Plaza venue was transformed for the evening, united by mirrors, bold colors, and disco energy. As part of the celebration, guests were invited to have their personal copies signed by Mickalene Thomas, before DJ Kitty Ca$h took the stage for an evening of dancing and celebrations. 

Guests enjoyed food by James Beard award-winning chef Nina Compton, of New Orleans restaurants Compere Lapin and Bywater American Bistro, who combines her love for French and Italian cuisine with the flavors of the Caribbean where she was born and raised.

Guests in attendance included friends of the house Allegra Shaw, Brooke Shields, Candace Marie Stewart, Chloe and Brooke Wise, Derrick Adams, Devon Windsor, Duckwrth, Gaia Matisse, Genesis Tramaine, Elizabeth Kurpis, Eric Jess, Gianni Lee, Keith Fox, Lauren Remington Platt, Liara Roux, Lili Buffet, Madelynn Furlong, Michael and Vanessa Chow, Remi Wolf, Rōze Traore, Shaun Ross, Selah Marley, Selby Drummond, Tourmaline, Typoe, and more.