'Après Ski' 2023 Ad Campaign

Review of Gucci ‘Après Ski’ 2023 Ad Campaign with Photographer Anthony Seklaoui with Models Nyakong Chan

Gucci puts a slickly luxurious twist on alpine style with the new campaign for its Après Ski 2023 collection, lensed by photographer Anthony Seklaoui.

While most of the campaigns for ski collection – of which there are many – that we see put the sporty outerwear designs in their natural habitat of the mountains covered in snow, here Gucci instead opts for imagery devoid of any context or setting to instead offer a look solely at the pieces themselves. But the imagery is still energetic and visually interesting thanks to the layered and detailed work of the styling and design teams, as well as Seklaoui’s angular and slick photographic approach.

The campaign continues the direction of totally grounded and straightforward directness that has characterized the brand’s marketing communications since Sabato De Sarno took over as creative director, with this one feeling like the most minimal yet.

Does part of us miss the fantasy and character that Alessandro Michele no doubt would have brought to the campaign for this collection? Yes. But is Gucci putting in the work to guide its brand confidently into a new era? Also yes. Though this and the rest of its new campaigns feel devoid of adventure, there is a certain allure to confidently stripping things back and just focusing on the product, and we’re still excited to see where it goes from here.

Gucci Creative Director | Sabato De Sarno
Photographer | Anthony Seklaoui
Models | Nyakong Chan
Stylist | Luca Galasso
Hair | Syd Hayes 
Makeup | Celine Martin