Launches 2nd chapter of Gucci 24 Hour Ace Digital Campaign

Round two! 

Earlier this summer, Gucci left their audience wanting more of the Ace sneaker. In the first chapter of the Gucci 24 Hour Ace digital campaign, the brand enlisted the help of visual artist Didi Rojas, Oh Jia Hao, and Esteban Diácono. The artist created a visually captivating ad campaign, which launched on Instagram. Now they’re coming back in full force.

The brand has just released the second wave of innovative work featuring artists like Esteban Diacono, Daniel Lam, Kensuke Koike, and Laura Lemurex. 

Naturally, the artist’s muse for the campaign was the famed Ace sneaker. Their work focused on reflecting how the digital landscape has evolved over a brief amount of time. With this common theme in mind, the artist tastefully used the sneaker to convey the message of self-expression, an idea Gucci is championing in their contemporary creative vision. Swedish Artist Andreas Wannerstedt skillfully uses his video to feature the shoe as a sensual, hypnotic ASMR-inspired experience.

Unlike the first chapter of the campaign, artist have shifted their focus to utilizing ASMR to capture their audience’s attention. ASMR is characterized by a physical tingling feeling that starts in the scalp and then spreads down through the body, accompanied by a sensation of relaxation and wellbeing. This joyful sensation people feel by audio and visual stimulation is something that the Ace sneaker lends itself to very well. The sneaker embodies a playful design which capitalizes on materials, color, and decorative details to set it apart from the rest of the pack.

Gucci Creative Director | Alessandra Michele
Video Creative Directors | Esteban Diacono, Daniel Lam, Kensuke Koike, Andreas Wannerstedt, Aleia Murawski, Sam Copeland, James Kerr, Gustavo Torres, Jamie Wolfe, Alex Frost, and Laura Lemurex