Gucci Milan Headquarters

Gucci to Relocate Rome Design Office to Milan

The Italian luxury brand plans to move its design office from Rome, involving 153 employees, by the first half of 2024

Gucci has announced the relocation of its design office from Rome to Milan, a decision that was made at the company level and not at the request of Creative Director Sabato De Sarno. This shift will involve 153 of the 219 employees in the design office, with the move expected to be completed by the first half of 2024. The relocation decision sparked a strike in Rome on Monday.

While Gucci is synonymous with Florence, where it was founded in 1921, and Milan, where its fashion shows and corporate headquarters are located, the design office has been based in Rome since 2009. The move to Milan is aimed at fostering closer collaboration between the creative director and the strategic functions of the company already based in the city.

Gucci has clarified that this transfer, announced to trade unions in early October, does not involve any staff reductions and will comply with current regulations. The company is also offering comprehensive measures, including economic incentives and relocation support, exceeding the stipulations of the Italian national collective agreement.

The existing offices in Palazzo Alberini and Palazzo Mancini in Rome will remain operational. The Palazzo Alberini, dating back to circa 1515 and designed by Raphael and Giulio Romano, has been the home of the Gucci design office since 2009.

Gucci Palazzo Alberini

Gucci’s Milan headquarters, situated in the historic Caproni aeronautics factory built in 1915, was unveiled in 2016 after extensive restoration. Known as the Gucci Hub, this 378,000-square-foot space consolidates the brand’s various functions, including fashion show venues and photo studios.

Rome has played a significant role in Gucci’s expansion outside Italy, with its second store opening in Via Condotti in 1938. This move marked the beginning of Gucci’s connection with Cinecittà, Hollywood stars, and the Dolce Vita era.

Despite this relocation, Gucci’s Florence headquarters and its Tuscan manufacturing centers remain pivotal to the brand’s craftsmanship and production. In 2018, Gucci inaugurated its ArtLab in Scandicci, near Florence, as its primary complex for leather goods and shoe production.