Zara News 2023

Guido Palau x Zara ‘Glitter in Gold’ Marks Zara’s Hair Debut

Unveiling ‘Glitter in Gold’ – The First Peek into Zara Hair’s Glamorous Future

Almost two decades ago, Zara catapulted into the beauty sphere with its coveted fragrance line. Then, in 2021, its beauty offering expanded once more with the introduction of Zara Make-Up. Now, as the 2023 holiday season approaches, Zara makes its mark in the beauty arena once more with Zara Hair.

This new line has been formulated, curated and designed with renowned hair stylist, creative director and longtime Zara collaborator Guido Palau. “A little teaser of what’s to come,” this four-piece amuse-bouche is a bold introduction to what lies ahead for Zara Hair in 2024. 

Glitter in Gold, launching November 30, is a high-impact, fashion-focused drop comprising two gold-themed styling products and two styling accessories to celebrate the brand’s first furore into the hairsphere. It’s a nod to Zara’s position as a premier destination for fashion for all, “from hair to toe”.

Guido’s inimitable creative prowess lies behind this micro-collection of user-friendly products for Zara’s sophisticated customer. This is “make-up for your hair”, he explains. “You can update your hair and make it look fun just for a night.”

Gold Gel
First is the Gold Gel, a soft, white-gold cream that works like a cheekbone highlighter to accentuate the hair’s natural shine. Non-brassy in colour, it has a delicate coolness and can be built up gradually for dramatic effect or subtly applied for a glint of gold. It is designed to “kiss the hair”, not smother it.

Gold Glitter Spray
The Gold Glitter Spray complements its partner and is an effortless addition to a beauty routine before an evening out. Nonchalant if its user requires, but with the potential for impact, it sprays on like a soft mist. “This glitter spray is incredibly fine in its application, so much so that when it comes out you don’t see it at first. It’s a delicate, white effect that’s very sophisticated. As with the Gold Gel, it’s about layering for your desired effect,” Guido explains.

Gold Bobby Pin & Gold Comb
Then comes the first of two hair accessories. The Gold Bobby Pin is “a very basic accessory that has been ‘fashion-ised’ with a gold finish,” says Guido. “It’s enlarged so it looks like an accessory, but with all the benefits of a practical clip.”

The Gold Comb completes the Glitter in Gold quartet. A beautiful addition to any hair set, it boasts wide teeth for versatility with any hair texture and to assist with a multitude of styles. 

Guido called on Kaia Gerber to feature in a series of videos to showcase his choir of Gold products, having known her since her first fashion editorial. “I love Kaia. She represents Zara Hair for me, both relatable and aspirational. She wants to have fun with her hair.” Kaia’s enthusiasm for the products is evident in the informal, tutorial-like videos created to celebrate the launch of Glitter in Gold. “I love the way she is kind of boyish as well as super feminine at the same time,” continues Guido, outlining what makes Kaia the perfect match for the versatile products in this holiday drop.

“I don’t trust anyone quite like Guido when it comes to hair,” Kaia says to camera, on set with Guido. “It’s always so fun to work together and he makes me feel confident to experiment. “Every time I’ve made a rash decision to cut my hair, it’s been with you, and you’ve done it for me,” she continues, while experimenting with the products.

A line of key hair essentials will drop in early 2024, but for now Glitter in Gold gives customers a taste of what’s to come for Zara Hair.