Harrods to Host Immersive 4D Cinema Experience

Harrods to Host Immersive 4D Cinema Experience

In Partnership with Xydrobe, the Experience Aims to Immerse Customers in the Worlds of Luxury Brands

Immersive VR company Xydrobe is set to unveil its cutting-edge multisensory virtual reality cinema at Harrods, aiming to transport viewers into a parallel world of immersive experiences. Scheduled to open in June, the cinema marks a pioneering move for Harrods as the first international retailer to integrate such an immersive experience within its store.

Positioned on the fifth floor of the iconic Knightsbridge establishment, the “xydrobe VR Cinema” promises an ever-changing program of 4D brand experiences designed to engage all senses. With a capacity to accommodate up to 20 guests simultaneously, the cinema will utilize top-tier VR headsets to deliver sensations of wind, temperature, surround sound, and an array of scents, according to Xydrobe.

Sybarite, a longstanding architectural partner of Xydrobe, has designed the innovative cinema space, reflecting the company’s commitment to creating immersive environments.

Guests eager to embark on this sensory journey can secure time slots through the Xydrobe website, with additional tickets available for purchase at the cinema reception on the fifth floor of Harrods.

Xydrobe’s founders, Nell Lloyd-Malcolm, Isabella Gallucci, and Michael Pegrum, view the Harrods cinema as a pinnacle project, representing their most ambitious venture in retail to date. Beyond providing immersive experiences, Xydrobe plans to analyze viewer data to evaluate any subsequent brand engagement or purchasing behaviors.

Having previously collaborated with brands like JW Anderson, Manolo Blahnik, Givenchy, and Dr. Barbara Sturm on immersive experiences, the Harrods initiative underscores Xydrobe’s expanding footprint in the retail landscape.

Following the success of its Mayfair flagship on Carlos Place, which opened in October, Xydrobe continues to offer luxury brands opportunities for VR activations through its “xydrobe Pods.” Looking ahead, Xydrobe aims to forge partnerships with other luxury retailers and establish a network of 4D cinemas across various regions, facilitating broader brand access to immersive experiences.