hermes astonishing orange sellier spring 2023 ad campaign photo


Sellier Spring 2023 Ad Campaign

Review of Hermès ‘Astonishing Orange’ Sellier Spring 2023 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Alexandra Reghioua and Photographer Tim Walker with models Cheikh Diakhate, Greta Hofer, Honest Ujoy and Saul Symon 

Hermès puts the bold color of its signature orange gift box front and center of a playful new campaign for Spring 2023. The campaign features creative direction from Alexandra Reghioua and photography by Tim Walker.

Appropriately titled “Astonishing Orange” the campaign puts a bright focus on its instantly recognizable orange box – which serves as a promise of and a gateway to the wonderful things within. In Walker’s photographs, the characters beam on receiving a gift, while the Hermès pieces within joyfully explode out into the world.

It’s rare to see a campaign put its primary focus on product packaging, but it’s a move that actually makes a lot of sense. Especially with a brand like Hermès, the idea and experience of luxury should extend across every aspect of the piece, from picking it out in store to the moment you give the box to a loved one – or just to yourself. It’s a great idea to use a recognizable visual cue like the signature orange box as an emblem of the joyful luxury of this experience.

Creative Director | Alexandra Reghioua
Agency | Publicis EtNous
Photographer | Tim Walker
Models | Cheikh Diakhate, Greta Hofer, Honest Ujoy, and Saul Symon 
Stylist | Flora Huddart
Hair | Pablo Kuemin
Makeup | Sam Bryant
Set Designer | Anna Sbiera-Paléologue
Photo Assistant | Antonio Perricone
Fashion Assistant | Raphael Del Bono

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression