Isabel Marant Amsterdam Store

Isabel Marant | Amsterdam

French fashion designer Isabel Marant has opened the doors to her new store in Amsterdam.

The new store is located in Oud-Zuid and draws inspiration from the 1960s French experimental movement, a period characterized by self-expression, imagination, durability, and experimentation. Covering 1,615 square feet, the space offers a warm and comfortable atmosphere that highlights the historical structure of the building, revealing the original brick walls and glass slabs. The fluffy Berber sofa, fiber porcelain, hand-carved Oregon pine podiums, and rocklike textured corked tables remind Marant of travel souvenirs, and her wardrobe seems to come from a suitcase that spills open to divulge its treasure.

Having founded her label in 1994, Marant has been trying on each garment before it leaves her studio, ensuring everything fits the everyday life of a real woman, which plays into the intimacy of the space.

Marant will now have 28 stores open worldwide and will continue to expand her network to Milan, Rome, Barcelona, Beijing and Hong Kong over the next six months.


Isabel Marant Amsterdam Store

Isabel Marant Amsterdam Store

PC Hooftstraat 114
1071 Amsterdam The Netherlands
T +31 20 8915588

Monday: 2PM to 6PM
Tuesday to Saturday: 10AM to 6PM
1st Sunday of the Month: 12PM to 5PM