Spring 2020 Digital Ad Campaign with Bella Hadid

Jacquemus Creative Director Simon Porte Jacquemus and photographer Pierre-Ange Carlotti have done something fresh and compelling; they have used the global pandemic as a springboard for an ad campaign aesthetic based on the concept of sheltering in place. Raw and unfettered, the campaign reappropriates a look that has become the world’s status quo for visual expression: selfies shot at home with a smartphone.

Candid and extemporaneous in appearance, the photoshoot utilizes bare white walls and sunlight as it filters in through the windowsills. The campaign marks an emerging trend within the fashion industry for images that embrace the idea of self-quarantine, turning the criteria of self-isolation into a strange hybrid category of fashion photography merged with reality television. Are these images spontaneous or staged? Did Bella Hadid just emerge from a disinfecting shower sans make-up, or is she just made-up to look like she’s not wearing make-up?

Whether the lack of styling is real or sleight-of-hand doesn’t really matter; the overall effect is heartening regardless, due to the pure relatability for people still stuck at home due to coronavirus. The seemingly spontaneous appearance combined with Bella Hadid’s star power presents a fascinating dichotomy, like an achievable sort of aspiration. With no discernable make-up (except for lip gloss in a few shots), Hadid’s enviable poreless olive skin and toned physique are flawless yet accessible due to freshly-washed, slightly-frizzy hair. This approach works equally well for Jacquemus’ similarly refined-yet-casual menswear ad campaign featuring Steve Lacy. Both campaigns seem to beg the question: if I buy clothing by Jacquemus, will I also look this carelessly glamorous as I lounge about at home? One would certainly hope so!

Jacquemus Creative Director | Simon Porte Jacquemus
Photographer | Pierre-Ange Carlotti
Model | Bella Hadid