Jacquemus Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Film & Photos


Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Jacquemus Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Film Director Albert Moya and Art Directors Kevin Tekinel and Charles Levai of Maybe, with models Ruben Moreira and Ylang plus Rio and Chantal

Jacquemus does some spring cleaning with a new campaign that brilliantly plays with perspective. The Spring 2021 campaign film was directed by Albert Moya, with art direction from Kevin Tekinel and Charles Levai.

The entire film is based on a simple yet quite clever cinematographic idea. As if we ourselves are the clothes, we see through a camera that is placed inside the drum of a washing machine in a shared laundry room. Smart film editing has us whirling around joyously in the soapy mix. Every now and then, one of the eclectic cast of characters – a young woman, a young man, an older woman, and a dog – pokes their head in. A goofily experimental and very French remix of the classic Muppets’ “Mah Na Mah Na” song feels like the perfect soundtrack choice.

The film is brief and its idea is simple, but there is so much attention to detail that we get a strong sense of character, narrative, and world. These playful vignettes are so meticulously composed that, seeing them from our unique angle, we immediately feel connected to these characters and the stories of their everyday lives.

The campaign also feels unique in the way that the clothing is acknowledged to be a part of an individual’s life, rather than some art object held up as separate from it. It is both a humble and smart move from Jacquemus to recognize that he is creating pieces to become part of someone else’s narrative. We love that while being a sophisticated, artful designer, he never lets go of his sense of humor. This campaign is an excellent example of that brilliant humor, and we feel refreshed and ready to step into spring. Now somebody let us out of this washing machine.

Film Director | Albert Moya
Art Direction | Kevin Tekinel and Charles Levai for Maybe
Talent | Ruben Moreira, Ylang, Rio and Chantal
Cinematographer | Maximilian Pittner
Set Design | Sati Leonne Faulks
Editor | Markus Soria
Sound Editor | Moritz Staub for Staub Audio
Hair | Karim Belghiran
Makeup | Aurore Gibrien
Colorist | Tim Smith
Production | Anaïs Julia Ngbanzo and Emmanuelle Atlan for Farago Projects
Wavy Logo | Alvaro Posadas