Jil Sander Launches Photo Art Book ‘Familiarity’

The Book Showcases Lucie And Luke Meier’s Jil Sander Vision With The Help From Anders Edström, Olivier Kervern, Chris Rhodes, Lina Scheynius, and Mario Sorrenti

A partnership between Creative Directors Lucie and Luke Meier and a trusted group of photographers has produced an intimate vision of the Jil Sander collection, which will be released in a 108-page full-colour book. Anders Edström, Olivier Kervern, Chris Rhodes, Lina Scheynius and Mario Sorrenti have each contributed
a personal interpretation of the Meiers’ designs to infuse the collection with their unique perspectives.

Each photographer has a history of artistic collaboration with the Meiers, and the approach of introducing multiple viewpoints represents a sign of mutual faith in a project authored as a group, where the collection becomes the common language between the voices of the photographers and the designers. The images,
captured in the photographers’ homes and gardens, expose their own lives and create an atmosphere of confidentiality and a dialogue between the work of each that forms the heart of Familiarity.

An exaltation of the sincerity and creativity underlying both the collection and the cooperative project as a whole, the book is the second in an ongoing collaborative venture for Jil Sander initiated by the Meiers in 2020. The volume, printed on high-density paper and meticulously sewn-bound, will be available through Jil Sander stores and e-commerce, as well as through selected retailers

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