Jil Sander Launches ‘The 7 Days Shirts’ Collection

Jil Sander Introduces A Revolutionary Approach to Wardrobe Staples with New Collection

Jil Sander announces a unique initiative, elevating the quintessential wardrobe component – the shirt. In a novel project aptly titled “7 Days Shirts,” the fashion house introduces fourteen distinctive shirts: seven for daywear available in white or light blue stripes, and seven evening shirts in black, designed for both women and men.

The collection, inspired by the vision of providing consumers with an elegant sartorial choice for every day and night of the week, showcases a seamless blend of Jil Sander’s signature minimalism and meticulous tailoring. Under the contemporary direction of Lucie and Luke Meier, each shirt subtly evolves, pushing the boundaries of conventional design. The design elements transition smoothly with the progression of the week. Early in the week, pieces present defined fits and traditional collars. As the weekend nears, these designs transition to softer volumes, elongated forms, pleated details, and versatile necklines including V, collarless, and scarf-collars, alongside variations in sleeve lengths.

The collection’s essence is brought to life in a minimalist advertising campaign. Seven models represent each day, emphasizing the design evolution of the shirts throughout the week.

What makes this collection stand out is its innovative narrative approach using the design language itself. It positions the shirt not just as a piece of clothing but as the central character in a story, evolving and unfolding with time. This strategy is quintessentially Jil Sander – reinterpreting familiar garment categories with sophistication and depth, aiming to instill a rejuvenated, profound approach to dressing. The “7 Days Shirts” collection is not just a testament to Jil Sander’s commitment to design excellence but also a nod to their ethos of infusing daily dressing rituals with insight and elegance.