Jordanluca 'Underwear 2.0' 2024 Ad Campaign


'Underwear 2.0' 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Jordanluca ‘Underwear 2.0’ 2024 Ad Campaign by Photographer Paolo Colaiocco and Art Director Eric Brain with model Jamie Yates

Jordanluca explores the intimacy and hard edges of queer masculinity with the new campaign for its freshly expanded underwear collection. The campaign was shot by photographer Paolo Calaiocco with art direction from Eric Brain.

The rapidly upcoming Milanese brand first ventured into underwear as part of its Fall 2023 collection through a collaboration with cult-favorite British sportswear brand Lonsdale, bringing a subversive perspective to iconic motifs. The brand’s new expansion of its underwear line builds on this initial offering while adding new styles that further pick up on this perspective of celebrating queer masculinity.

Colaiocco’s photographs perfectly capture this spirit, taking shape as sexy portraits of model Jamie Yates that channel the off-the-cuff intimacy of a couple taking bedroom snapshots of each other at home. But this sense of homey comfort is countered by the industrial setting, which lends and angular edge that emphasizes the kink-friendly nature of the brand and its designs.

Hitting just the right balance of concealing and revealing, intimate softness and dominant edge, the campaign is a potent statement of Jordanluca’s signature subversive sexiness.

Jordanluca Creative Directors | Jordan Bowen & Luca Marchetto
Agency | IMM Agency Group
Photographer | Paolo Colaiocco
Art Director | Eric Brain
Models | Jamie Yates
Casting Director | Tytiah Blake, Unit C