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Julie Gilhart: Crafting Tomorrow’s Fashion Landscape

Revolutionizing Fashion with Insight and Impact

In this enlightening episode of ‘The Impression Makers’, we sit down with Julie Gilhart, the visionary Chief Development Officer of Tomorrow and President of Tomorrow Projects. Julie sits with The Impression’s Editor-in-Chief, Kenneth Richard, to explore her remarkable journey through the realms of fashion innovation, sustainability, and the nurturing of emerging talent. As we delve into the insightful conversation, Julie shares her profound experiences and the impact of her work on shaping the future of the fashion industry.

The Impression Makers | Episode 5

Julie Gilhart: Crafting Tomorrow’s Fashion Landscape


Julie Gilhart is a transformative figure in the fashion industry, recognized for her keen eye in identifying and nurturing emerging talent and her commitment to sustainability and innovation. As the Chief Development Officer of Tomorrow and President of Tomorrow Projects, she has been instrumental in fostering the growth of both new and established fashion brands. Her work at Julie Gilhart Consulting and the many projects she has been involved inunderscore her influence in fashion’s evolution. Previously, as the Fashion Director at Barneys New York, she played a crucial role in the global recognition of designers like Alber Elbaz and Alexander McQueen. Gilhart’s dedication to making a positive impact in the industry is evident through her board memberships and her work with Fashion Girls for Humanity.


Identifying Talent: Discovering the next big name in fashion through intuition and experience.

Sustainability Focus: Championing eco-friendly initiatives and circular fashion to lead the industry towards a greener future.

Building Brands: Strategies for nurturing young designers and guiding them through the challenges of the fashion world.

Innovation in Retail: Gilhart’s approach to revolutionizing the retail experience, drawing on her tenure at Barneys New York.

The Power of Collaboration: Emphasizing the importance of creative collaborations in expanding brand reach and impact.

Future of Fashion: Insights into the evolving landscape of fashion, focusing on talent, technology and sustainability.

Personal Mantra: Gilhart’s commitment to positive impact, reflected in her support for emerging talent and various sustainability projects.