JW Anderson

Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

Toni Smith stars in the new Fall/Winter 2020 campaign from JW Anderson.

The model is captured by photographer Tyler Mitchell in a brief series of dreamy and evocative images. Mitchell arranges his compositions almost like a traditional studio setup, but he disrupts and deconstructs it with distant camera positioning, surprising use of natural light and shadow, and the single set piece of a vintage playground roundabout.

The beautiful and solitary figure of Toni Smith takes on a fascinating role among this almost eerily quaint environment. Shadows dance across her face as she gazes into the camera, her eyes full of wisdom yet youthfully playful. The fond childhood memories suggested by the playground equipment take on a mythical status, and Smith seems to occupy this realm of memory and dream like a benevolent goddess with amazing hair.

The campaign beautifully realizes the idea of taking up space which Anderson explores in his new collections. Mitchell, a friend and frequent collaborator of Anderson’s, brilliantly echoes this idea in his photography with his attention to light and his airy, expansive compositions. Smith brings the perfect personality to unify these elements, and the resulting campaign feels nostalgic, restful, spacious, and beautiful.

JW Anderson Creative Director | JW Anderson
Photographer | Tyler Mitchell
Model | Toni Smith
Stylist | Benjamin Bruno
Hair | Jawara
Makeup | Jawara
Casting Director |
Set Designer | Julia Wagner
Production | Art Partner
Photo Assistant | Zack Forsyth

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression