AI Meets The Couture Spring 2023 Fashion Shows

Our Very Own Chief Impressionist, Kenneth Richard, Re-Interprets Spring 2023 Couture Collections (& a Few Others) with an Artistic Bent

The rise of new communication technologies has always been met with nay-sayers, those who prophesied that radio or social media signaled the end of human culture and civilization as we know it. Sooner or later we must recognize that a technology is probably here to stay, and take it for what it is: a tool that can be used to broaden and deepen our understanding. AI art is one of the latest technologies to fall into this pattern. While we don’t agree with those who fear that artificial intelligence will come to replace human artistry (which, in addition to many other reasons, is just impossible by definition), we’re excited to explore the new avenues for creativity and reflection on human artistry that AI art offers to open up.

Kenneth Richard The Impression Portrait
Kenneth Richard

Reflecting on these possibilities during the ongoing fashion season, Chief Impressionist Kenneth Richard began to explore AI’s take on contemporary fashion, combining artistic references and raw imagination with the top collections themselves – opting not for a digital regurgitation of what we already saw in person, but a way to bring to life the creative influences and possibilities that were latent in these collections. The results are an intoxicating blend of reality, fantasy, and futuristic possibility that anticipate a creative world where technology further unlocks human imagination and craft.

We asked Kenneth to showcase his creative works along with a few thoughts on what inspired his AI-enhanced point of view.


I always feel you can take the house of Valentino out of Rome, but you can’t Rome out of the house of Valentino. Pierpaolo Piccioli present collections that no matter how modern always drip with the romantic seduction of the city.

Marc Jacobs

Marc is constantly in evolution and while many design houses can’t court constant revolution, as the public like to box artist, he is always to find a way out of it. I admire that he brings a spiritual unexpectedness to design. Beautiful, thought provoking and stunning. His ode to Vivienne Westwood’s influence on him was full of power and purposeful angst with beauty.


Virginie Viard has a heavy lift at Chanel. Her collections follow a dynasty of a ‘master of themes’ in Karl Lagerfeld and while her sets are dramatic, her collection have shown a consistency of codes laid by her former mentor. An evaluated circus of powerful, confident and imaginary animals felt appropriate this season to reinforce the uniqueness of her Chanel muses and their aspirations.

Viktor & Rolf

Viktor and Rolf embraced fashion as a art form early and there was a real sense of Dadaism to me in their last collection, off-kiltered, askew while simultaneously pretty they managed to juxtapose fashion and art once again.


It is no easy feat to accomplish what Casey Cadwallader has. He single-handedly took a house that fallen into the classification of ‘heritage brand to keep barely alive simply to push fragrance sales’ and made it a meaningful player on the fashion circuit. Long before the industry was speaking to the power of community, Casey embraced his with flair and drama, ultimately that focus lead to today’s success which was in no way, overnight. Sexy and progressive, he blends futurism with gender bending norms and technology. I look forward to where he lead the industry next.