Key Takeaway’s from the Lyst Index Q2 2023

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Haute Highlights– Fashion’s Foremost Leaders Shine in The Lyst Index Q2 2023 

By Mackenzie Richard

In the ever-evolving realm of fashion, a select few brands and products ascend to prominence, captivating the global stage. Recently unveiled for Q2 2023, The Lyst Index, a distinguished quarterly ranking curated by Lyst, a renowned fashion technology company and premium shopping app, derives its influence from an extensive pool of data provided by over 200 million users worldwide. This compendium meticulously examines numerous facets, including searches, product views, sales, social media mentions, and overall engagement over a three-month period.


  1. Loewe Secures Top Spot with Stellar Performances
  2. Prada’s Symposia and Campaigns Propel Them to Second Place
  3. Versace’s Iconic Moves Secure Third Place
  4. Miu Miu and Bottega Veneta Take Fourth and Fifth Places
  5. Valentino and Saint Laurent Shine in Sixth and Seventh Places
  6. Moncler and Gucci Follow Suit
  7. Dior Rounds Up the Top Ten
  8. Standout Brands

Loewe Secures Top Spot with Stellar Performances

Eclipsing all others in this coveted ranking is Loewe, a brand that has forged an indelible path in the fashion world. Attributing its success in Q2 2023 to highly sought-after collections, most notably the acclaimed Paula’s Ibiza 2023 collection, Loewe has emerged as a paradigm of excellence. Additionally, the brand garnered significant attention by presenting the 2023 Loewe Foundation Craft Prize in New York, an event that exalts craftsmanship and innovation within the industry. The artistic prowess of Loewe was further underscored through the bespoke ensembles crafted for Beyoncé’s Renaissance world tour, solidifying its eminence among devoted fans and discerning fashion enthusiasts alike.

Prada’s Symposia and Campaigns Propel Them to Second Place

Securing the esteemed second position is Prada, a name that pervades the fashion landscape with unwavering authority. Manifesting its dominance, Prada orchestrated the Prada Frames Symposium during Milan Salone des Mobile, an intellectual exploration of the juncture between fashion and technology. The allure of Prada was amplified through the 9th iteration of Prada Mode in Tokyo, celebrated for hosting exceptional events. A notable highlight encompassed the compelling Prada Galleria campaign featuring the illustrious Scarlett Johansson, captivating the public’s imagination and enriching the brand’s allure.

Versace’s Iconic Moves Secure Third Place

Not to be outshined, Versace garnered the third spot on The Lyst Index by executing audacious and strategic maneuvers. The highly anticipated Versace Icons collection catalyzed a resounding response from fashion enthusiasts, while the Versace La Vacanza collection, launched in collaboration with the talented singer Dua Lipa, radiated creativity and modernity. A testament to its prowess, the brand achieved record revenue with double-digit growth in fiscal 2023, further cementing its standing within the fashion industry.

Miu Miu and Bottega Veneta Take Fourth and Fifth Places

Miu Miu soars into the fourth position, witnessing remarkable growth across all product categories and basking in the spotlight during the Cannes Film Festival with a splendid collaboration with actress Sydney Sweeney. The campaign featuring the captivating Gigi Hadid, promoting the Arcadie bag, further propels Miu Miu’s ascent to success.

Simultaneously, Bottega Veneta claims the fifth spot through a captivating tapestry of collaborations and outreach. With the appointment of BTS’ RM as its inaugural brand ambassador, the brand astutely captured the attention of K-pop fans across the globe. A commitment to artistic expression and community engagement was evident in the release of the Fanzine dedicated to Kate Moss and the support extended to the launch of Air Afrique magazine.

Valentino and Saint Laurent Shine in Sixth and Seventh Places

Valentino graces the sixth place, marked by a notable 10% rise in annual sales, a testament to its resilience and allure amid a fiercely competitive fashion market. The brand’s embrace of inclusivity and diversity is epitomized through the selection of the talented actress Florence Pugh as the face of Valentino DI.VA, while their creative ingenuity shone brightly with a triumphant return to Milan Men’s Fashion Week, showcasing innovative and visionary menswear.

Saint Laurent, a name synonymous with sophistication, claims a well-deserved seventh-place ranking, defined by a series of momentous milestones. Venturing into filmmaking, the brand established its production company and debuted its first film at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. The unveiling of its first-ever line of fine jewelry further exemplified Saint Laurent’s unwavering pursuit of new frontiers, amplifying its presence and reach within the luxury market.

Moncler and Gucci Follow Suit

Noteworthy contenders continue to grace The Lyst Index, with Moncler seizing the eighth spot by demonstrating adaptability through a successful first-ever global summer campaign, catering to a diverse audience during the warmer months.

Meanwhile, Gucci’s remarkable €2,616 million revenue in Q1 earned it the ninth place. Its collaborative Vault Summer collection, along with captivating partnerships, showcased Gucci’s adeptness in establishing profound connections with consumers through creative storytelling.

Dior Rounds Up the Top Ten

Sealing the top ten is Dior, which captivated audiences with its visually stunning Cruise show in Mexico, a celebration of the brand’s heritage and innovative spirit. The release of a new book chronicling the Raf Simons years added depth to Dior’s storied history and creative journey, while dressing prominent figures like Natalie Portman and Jennifer Lawrence at the Cannes Film Festival reaffirmed Dior’s status as a premier choice for A-list celebrities and unforgettable red carpet moments.

Standout Brands

The latest Lyst Index for Q2 2023 places Louis Vuitton in the 11th spot, a position achieved by their strategic move of enlisting Zendaya as their brand ambassador, enhancing their global appeal. Furthermore, their creative collaboration with Pharrell Williams and Rihanna for a groundbreaking menswear campaign showcased their dedication to innovation.

Dolce & Gabbana, securing the 12th position, has successfully ventured into diverse markets with the appointment of NCT member Doyoung as their first ambassador for Korea and Japan, along with a captivating capsule collection featuring Spanish influencer Pelayo Díaz.

Diesel, Burberry, Jacquemus, Balenciaga, Skims, Nike, Fendi, and JW Anderson have all made significant impacts, each carving their unique niche in the ever-evolving fashion landscape. Diesel’s daring collaborations and bold Resort 2024 collection earned them the 13th place, while Burberry’s artistic ventures, including designing costumes for the Royal Ballet and creating a special scarf for King Charles’ coronation, secured them the 14th spot. Jacquemus, ranking 15th, wowed the world with innovative marketing and celebrity partnerships, while Balenciaga supported emerging talent and showcased trend-setting designs for their 16th position. Skims expanded its offerings with bridal wear and pop-up stores, eyeing further growth. Nike demonstrated innovation through virtual goods and imaginative collaborations like the J Force 1 collection with Jacquemus and the Airphoria metaverse gaming experience.

Fendi’s fusion with Marc Jacobs and its homage to Karl Lagerfeld captivated audiences, and the appointment of Nicholas Galitzine as their first global menswear ambassador expanded their appeal. JW Anderson‘s collaboration with Uniqlo brought high fashion to a broader audience, and their “Studs” collection for Pride highlighted their commitment to social causes and artistic expression, all while marking their position with a flagship store in Milan.

The Lyst Index, an influential barometer of the fashion world, acclaims brands and products that resonate with the hearts and minds of fashion enthusiasts globally. The Q2 2023 rankings bear witness to an industry characterized by boundless creativity, thriving collaborations, and daring choices, embodying a relentless pursuit of novelty and excellence.