Kith x Columbia

Spring 2023 Ad Campaign

Review of Kith x Columbia Spring 2023 Ad Campaign

Kith and Columbia reel in a big one with the new campaign for their unexpected Spring 2023 collaboration. True to the Kith spirit, Kith Vice President of Product Mikol Stambaugh and his family are featured in the campaign as they have been fishing together for generations. 

As Kith has an uncanny ability to release collaborations seemingly every other week with entities as eclectic as BMW, Jerry Seinfeld, and Sailor Moon, we shouldn’t feel surprised that the brand has now dipped its toes into the world of fishing gear. Created specifically in collaboration with Columbia’s PFG (performance fishing gear) line, the collection applies Kith’s casual yet elevated lifestyle perspective to a range of practical apparel specifically made for reeling ’em in.

Fittingly, the campaign takes the collection out on the water, where real fishermen do their thing. While showing off the collab in its natural habitat, the series of portraits also forms an action-packed and artful visual narrative of its own.

Kith Creative Director | Ronny Fieg

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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