Lace-Up & Gladiator Shoes

Spring 2023 Fashion Accessory Trend

From ankle to calf – the leg is on show!

What goes around comes around, and for S/S 23, both flats and heels alike showed off straps and ties that wrapped curvaceously up and around ankles and calves.

Now that Fashion month has finally drawn to a close and the dust has settled, some clear footwear favourites are emerging. And amongst them is a clear choice; from long leather laces that wind provocatively up and around the leg to elegant riffs on the gladiator sandal, strappy sandals are set to make a strong entrance for the new season. Eschewing past eras, several brands took these summery items and packed them with bold and exciting details. Antonio Marras delivered several variations, each one as feminine as the next, from high-heeled pumps, to flats covered in the prettiest florals to metallic gold that will take the wearer from day to evening. Gabrielle Colangelo is a master of the delicate, and his pointed-toe shoes at Giada were light and airy, featuring a polished sea pearl at the end of the tie. 

Missoni‘s transparent-of-the-moment wedge featured printed straps that coordinated with the clothes. At the same time, Micheal Kors‘s collection embraced a minimalist look with slim high heels in the season’s natural hue. Versace showed the sexiest of gladiator heels, while at Ulla Johnson, carefully handcrafted snakeskin uppers were laced from a Tee shape strap. Stella McCartney, forever the visionary, sent out a hybrid of sports soles and lace-ups in an array of gorgeous dopamine brights.

Yuhan Wang

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