Lanvin Lab with Artist Erwin Wurm

Lanvin Teams with Artist Erwin Wurm for 2nd Lanvin Lab

The French Fashion House Collaborates with Austrian Sculptor for Second Edition

In a move that marries the traditional with the cutting-edge, Lanvin, the venerable French couture house founded in 1889 by Jeanne Lanvin, has unveiled the next chapter of its Lanvin Lab initiative. This innovative platform, known for pushing the boundaries of conventional fashion, has announced its collaboration with contemporary Austrian artist Erwin Wurm for its second edition.

Erwin Wurm | Photo by Eva Würdinge

Erwin Wurm, a multimedia artist revered for his provocative works that explore the human form and societal norms, brings a fresh perspective to this collaboration. Known for a unique blend of humor and social critique, Wurm’s engagement with Lanvin marks his inaugural venture into the fashion realm, promising a fusion of creative worlds ripe with innovation and playful examination.

“Lanvin Lab represents a departure from traditional fashion norms, fostering experimental collaborations that transcend creative boundaries,” states the fashion house. This initiative not only highlights Lanvin’s commitment to artistic exploration but also solidifies its role in the evolution of cultural expressions through fashion.

The highlight of this collaboration is the monumental sculptural work titled “Desire,” created by Wurm. This piece is more than an artistic endeavor; it is a journey through self-expression that Lanvin aims to showcase across various public spaces in China. “Desire” symbolizes the confluence of Lanvin’s storied heritage and Wurm’s contemporary artistic vision, embodying the dialogue between tradition and modernity.

By integrating elements of fashion and sculpture, Wurm’s “Desire” reflects both the artist’s distinctive visual language and the iconic designs of Lanvin. The anthropomorphic sculpture is poised to provoke thought and evoke individuality, capturing the essence of what Lanvin Lab strives to achieve: a cross-disciplinary dialogue that enriches both the art and fashion landscapes.

Scheduled to make its debut in Beijing on April 8, the installation will embark on a multi-city tour, engaging audiences with its insightful take on individuality and the shared cultural threads that bind different creative domains. “Desire” is not merely a sculptural work but a testament to the enduring power of collaboration across disciplines, showcasing how fashion and art can come together to explore and express the multifaceted nature of human desire and creativity.

This collaboration between Lanvin and Erwin Wurm underscores the ongoing cultural evolution and the pivotal role of art and fashion in navigating the complexities of modern society. Lanvin Lab, through initiatives such as this, continues to underline the importance of innovation, proving that the world of fashion is an ever-expanding universe, limitless in its potential for exploration and expression.