Liberty London Activewear 2022 ad campaign photo


Spring 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Liberty London Activewear 2022 Ad Campaign by Photographer Agnes Lloyd-Platt with models Alexina Graham, Amina Adan, Ingrid Medeiros, and Melody Prieto

by Aidel Townsley

Liberty London’s fashion Editor Thea Lewis-Yates works with photographer Agnes Lloyd-Platt for their latest Activewear campaign. The British brand, known for their quintessentially English fabric designs and patterns, brings floral prints to leggings, sports bras, and zip up jackets, worn by models Alexia Graham, Amina Adan, Ingrid Medeiros and Melody Prieto.  

Leaning against a pastel blue faux boulder or sitting amongst an overrun plastic garden, the recycled polyamide and elastane fabric of the athletic wear blends into these synthetic yet imitative pieces of nature. This focus on the fabric, with its classically ditsy design, is prudent for a brand whose original claim to fame was their high quality cotton fabrics, which sport sophisticated patterns. Their move towards workout appropriate materials is suitably and cheerfully acknowledged by the set-designs plastic mood. Ingrid Medeiros plays with her own plasticity by showing off her flexibility in a back-bend. As the clothes move with her, the message is clear: Liberty London remains true to itself yet adaptable to new demands.

Photographer | Agnes Lloyd-Platt
Models | Alexina Graham, Amina Adan, Ingrid Medeiros, and Melody Prieto
Stylist | Thea Lewis-Yates
Hair | Sarah Jo Palmer
Makeup | Jenny Coombs