Men's Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by M/M Paris & Tyler Mitchell

Combing the bases of fashion—culture and resources—Loewe releases their fall 2019 menswear ad campaign with the backdrop of the “City of the Three Cultures” and its stunning natural landscapes. Creative direction by M/M Paris shines in the images that are anything but touristy. Shot by Tyler Mitchell, the campaign showcases the complimentary mixing of Loewe and the city of Toledo, Spain.

In January, Loewe released the inspiration of their new menswear line, Eye/Loewe/Nature. Sixth months later, we see an evolution of playful masculinity that was taken from the previous set of Spain’s Cap de Creus’s shores to, now, the hilltops and buildings of Toledo. The difference between these two lines is the cultural addition that the naturally beautiful backdrop of Toledo contributes to the Loewe Brand.

Toledo’s societal and monumental identity has been forged by the variegating influences of the Christians, Muslims, and Jews, who have all co-existed there over the course of its long history. M/M Paris’s decision to shoot and exemplify the brand here creates a inclusive and worldly quality to the Loewe name.

Along with the nature, cultural buildings, and strange inflatable white and yellow objects, Tyler Mitchell lenses the strikingly colorful clothes of the Loewe line. The yellow and white inflatable shapes reconfigure the landscape of walls and rocks with a sense of scale and depth, all while creating a loose visual link to the silhouettes and colors featured in the collection. Bursts of yellow seep through the campaign as seen in the clothes and the white and yellow pieces offsetting the stone textures of the natural and man-made settings. This offset perfectly exists in the city of inclusivity and peace despite appearances, while also working cohesively in the images themselves.

M/M Paris creates a lookbook and campaign that has us longing to visit Toledo—while wearing the Loewe fall line, of course.


Loewe Creative Director | JW Anderson
Agency | M/M Paris
Photographer | Tyler Mitchell
Stylist | Benjamin Bruno
Casting | Ashley Brokaw
Hair | Matt Mulhall


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