Loro Piana Honors Cini Boeri with Installation During Milan Design Week

Loro Piana Honors Cini Boeri with Installation During Milan Design Week

“A Tribute to Cini Boeri” Showcases Iconic Furniture in Exclusive Fabrics at Loro Piana’s Milan Headquarters

Cini Boeri

Loro Piana Interiors is commemorating the centenary of the revered Milanese architect and designer Cini Boeri with an installation titled “A Tribute To Cini Boeri.” Hosted at Cortile della Seta, Loro Piana’s Milanese headquarters, the exhibit runs from April 16th to 21st. It coincides with the 100th anniversary of both Boeri’s birth and the founding of Loro Piana, creating a dual celebration of legacy and design.

The installation, a collaboration with Archivio Cini Boeri and furniture manufacturer arflex, immerses visitors in a multi-sensorial experience that reflects Boeri’s playful and contemporary design philosophy. Key pieces like the Strips system, awarded the Compasso d’Oro in 1979, and other iconic furniture such as the Strips bed, Pecorelle sofas, and Botolo chairs are featured. These items are reimagined using Loro Piana Interiors’ most exclusive fabrics, including soft Cashfur and pure undyed Cashmere Raw.

Francesco Pergam

Francesco Pergamo, Director of Loro Piana Interiors, highlighted the contemporary relevance of Boeri’s work and the synergy between the designer’s principles and Loro Piana’s fabric selection. “The thinking of Cini Boeri is extraordinarily contemporary,” Pergamo noted. “Just as extraordinarily contemporary remain the pieces we have chosen to exhibit together with arflex and Archivio Cini Boeri, and to dress with our fabrics. The dual centenary of Cini’s birth and the founding of Loro Piana has offered us the opportunity to contribute to the appreciation of the architect’s figure, embarking on a journey that will last three years.”

Giulia and Antonio Boeri of Archivio Cini Boeri, founded in 2023 to organize and promote Boeri’s work, also spoke about the installation’s intent. “Cini taught us to practice Joy, in life’s choices and future expectations. And this is what we want to convey by working with her Archive, the joy of planning for the future, with commitment, but also with responsibility and passion.”

The installation encourages interaction, allowing visitors to touch and use the furniture, adhering to Boeri’s belief that design should facilitate engagement with living spaces. This philosophy is expressed through the installation’s design, which uses separate rooms connected by a central shared area, reflecting Boeri’s architectural vision.

“A Tribute To Cini Boeri” is part of a broader set of activities during Milan Design Week 2024, which includes an additional exhibition at Triennale Milano. This comprehensive tribute underscores the ongoing relevance of Boeri’s design ethos, blending it seamlessly with Loro Piana’s dedication to quality and innovation in fabric production.