Louis Vuitton Celebrates the new Sparkle Pump Collection at SoHo Pop-up

Louis Vuitton Celebrates the New Sparkle Pump Collection at Soho Pop-up

Louis Vuitton Pre-Launches Sparkle Pump Collection at Pop-Up Store in SoHo, NYC

Ahead of the worldwide launch of November 4th, Louis Vuitton unveils a special pop-up in SoHo, New York City dedicated to the pre-launch of the new Sparkle Pump Collection, opening to the public on Friday, October 28th through the end of November.

Presented along with the iconic Coussin leather goods and curated accessories, the specially designed interior walls and floor creates a unique retail experience.

The collection consists of 13 styles, with 9 exclusive models to the United States.

Photography by Brad Dickson

Louis Vuitton SoHo Pop-up
122 Greene Street
New York, NY 10012

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